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Out of Line Drawing Club

OUT OF LINE DRAWING CLUB launched in October 2022 with a figure drawing session with first-time art model, Kelvin Batiste. 

The space hosts monthly art-making programs and started in response to many art-making spaces not centering BIPOC, full-figured, disabled, low-income, or Queer artists and models. Our aim is to create access. To open the door. To demystify. To experiment. To become stronger in our craft with integrity, together. Community over competition, always. 


OUT OF LINE is hosted in collaboration with artist, educator, and reproductive justice advocate Veline Mojarro of SHIFT. The space is generously provided by artist James R. Eads


In participating in OUT OF LINE, we agree to the following community agreements. All of which are in place out of respect for the model and our fellow artists.


Our Agreements as Participants and Students


Every line is a good line.
We are all artists. here to practice and play. There is no such thing as a mistake here. Please reserve criticism of anyone else’s work unless invited to provide it. 

We are responsible for the community we are building. 
Get to know each other. Practice consent, mindfulness, and respect as we take care of each other in the space.

Art is for everybody.
If you’re leading with love, you are welcome here. Out of Line is for all bodies, all genders, all people.


Next Workshop:


Saturday, December 10, 2022

Uninstructed Figure Drawing with model Kyla Carter



Join the Out of Line newsletter for updates on the next workshop and upcoming events.



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