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Dulan's & Hotville Chicken

Apparel designed for two capsule collections between The Hundreds and Hotville Chicken and Blondie Beach Records and Dulan’s on the occasion of Family Style Fest in an effort to raise funds for Black-owned businesses during the pandemic.


Designs created featured custom type, original illustrations, and an original poem inspired by the history of Hotville Chicken’s original recipe. Dulan’s collection was inspired by mid-20th century food advertisements, museum infographics, and the family's deep influence on Soul Food in Los Angeles. Hotville collection was inspired by the history behind their original recipe and the restaurant’s founding and subsequent branching from Nashville, Tennessee, to Los Angeles, California. 


Blondie Beach Records x Dulan’s

Art Direction: Blondie Beach Records

Photography: Beth Saravo, Rodney Campos, Ja Rosenberg


The Hundreds x Hotville Chicken

Art Direction: David Rivera

Photography: Beth Saravo, Rodney Campos, Ja Rosenberg


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