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My practice as a graphic designer is tied directly to my practice as an educator and both are born out of a desire to communicate, challenge, uplift, and build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with people. A nearly decade-long career in museums teaching art classes, organizing public programs, and leading gallery walks taught me how to effectively communicate and organize my ideas and process as a designer. My discipline as a historian was also honed by my time in museums and the research I would conduct prior to teaching a class or leading a tour. That love of history has taken me to archives, libraries, museums, and out into nature as I work to understand a client’s needs and history and dream up where we can go as we move forward together.  

Every project starts with a deep and carefully considered discovery phase. The research conducted during this period may lead us to an out of print crime graphic novel from the 50s, a 90s Saturday morning cartoon, a 1972 record by a Colombian duo, or the nature of underground mycelium networks. Regardless of where our inspiration may start, the end result will always be a lovingly researched collaboration that will be unique to you, your audience, and your experience. There is no template, only a story that is waiting to be told.

Interested in working together to develop your visual identity? Reach out.

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