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Apparel Design

What we wear holds a unique power to quickly and effectively communicate an interest, set of beliefs, or challenge authority, injustice, and dominant norms. The latter is particularly true of the sub cultures that have deeply influenced my work: Hip-Hop and Chicago House. Whether the humble t-shirt or the ubiquitous baseball cap, the constraints of garments provide a never-ending challenge and potential for storytelling as a designer.


Apparel designed includes shirts, sweatshirts, headwear, patterns, and accessories. Projects have ranged from 30+ piece thematic seasonal collections to one-off capsule collections for artists, musicians, businesses, and events. 


The development of any garment or collection is deeply researched and tailored to the specifications of that collaboration. Depending on the project, designs can feature raster and vector illustrations, custom typography, and hand-lettering graphics. All drawing inspiration from a range of sources including comic books, animation, history, film, music, science, poetry, and nature to address a wide range of topics such as anxiety, impostor syndrome, stress, social justice, and joy.


Interested in working together to design a collection, garment, or pattern? Reach out.

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